Goller SINTENSA PLUS for gentle and low tension processing

High Turbulence - High kinetic

A rotor with a special built-in perforated washing drum. The rotor speed and the moving direction are both adjustable to generate the maximum turbulence and cross flow. The combination of high turbulence and short liquor content ensures that there is no risk of back staining of the already removed impurities. Optimum washing effects are guaranteed and the risk of separating of spun oil or impurities is minimized.

Low Tension

The on the spot engineering solution, consisting of the individual drive system, controlled by load cell opens up the opportunity to process most delicate fabrics with the lowest linear tension possible. The consequent use of specially shaped scroll expanders completely guarantees uncurling of the selvedges.

High efficiency power-spray

A high-efficiency spray and drum arrangement increases the washing to the peak performance. A set of three coupled sprays placed on the left and right side of the fabric supports optimize surface penetration and washing down effect. As a standard, it is equipped with an automatic or manual filter system and circulation.

Less Chemicals

The smart MULTIDATA programming for all media feeding system is the basis for on demand dosing. The programmable water feeding flow meter controlled, whilst the computerised dosing of chemicals is weight proportionally based. The MULTIDATA PLC enables a high degree of automation, which almost eliminates human errors.


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