Rieter Campus Winterthur: Study competition concluded

Rieter intends to create a modern location in Winterthur, concentrating customer center, product and technology development as well as administration on an area of approximately 30,000 square meters, called Rieter Campus.

The project was officially launched mid-November 2017, when a study contract was awarded to five renowned consultancy firms from the Canton of Zurich. Their projects were evaluated by a review panel consisting of technical specialists and professional experts. This panel unanimously selected the project proposed by the Winterthur firm, BDE Architekten GmbH.

Rieter’s Board of Directors has decided to have BDE prepare a detailed draft for the project. Rieter Campus will make an important contribution to the successful further development of Rieter. The decision regarding the realization of the project is expected to be made mid-2019.

Stripping down of the building “Werkhalle 40” will start as early as May 2019. Rieter wants to give the canton’s archaeological department sufficient time to carry out the necessary archaeological surveys and any possible excavations. The two current external tenants will be provided with a sustainable solution by Rieter.


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