Textile Briefs National

1. According to PRGMEA Chief,  Pakistan is facing multiple economic challenges, including Pak rupee devaluation, slow foreign inflows, depleting foreign exchange reserves and higher inflation. The new government needs to seriously address the economic issues that are due to lower exports and higher imports.

2. The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has stressed for the continuation of Duty Drawback of Taxes (DDT) incentive for a further three years to boost the value-added textile exports and uplift the economy.

3. The huge amount of exporters’ liquidity of billions of rupees in the form of refunds of sales tax claims, customs rebate,             withholding tax and payments of DDT and DLTL have been stuck up with the government since last several years, said Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum.

4. The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) urged the government to immediately notify the zero-rating facility of sales tax on import of machinery that expired on June 30 and, as a result, machinery imported for balancing, modernisation and replacement (BMR) and for investing in Greenfield projects is stranded at ports.

5. The PTEA Vice Chairman Ammar Saeed termed the value-added textile sector as the backbone of the economy with great potential for earning foreign exchange and urged the government for the immediate release of blocked refunds to enable the textile exporters to retain their hard-earned export markets at this time of tough competition.

6. The Senior Vice Chairman PRGMEA Sheikh Luqman Amin said that it is encouraging that the government has identified the textile sector as a key priority and is endeavouring to set the right policies and incentives that encourage private sector investment in value addition and expansion in a bid to gain wider access to international markets.

7. The Research and Development Department of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has identified various problems faced by textile sector, including the high cost of doing business, approximately 11% multiple taxes and surcharges.

8. Huntsman Textile Effects and ICI Pakistan have entered into a strategic collaboration under which ICI Pakistan will market and distribute Huntsman's wide range of high-quality textile dyes, chemicals, digital inks and services in Pakistan.

9. The Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry is offering multiple training courses in different fields to enhance the capabilities of its workers to make the sector competitive. The streams include garments, fashion and apparel, design, cutting for lingerie, line supervision and knitting machine operation.


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