New Tomsic TensoTester3 allows force and elongation test on your LEA

TOMSIC - the Italian company founded in 1956, continues to invest in the latest design techniques and engineering technology to offer spinners the best testing equipment to perform a control test on raw material, yarns and fabric in the quality laboratory.

The lastest TOMSIC innovation is a new “TensoTester3” for LEA. Thanks to the application of special clamps and load cells, the Tomsic Strength Tester allows `the user to determine the strength and elongation proprieties of LEA.

The machine, 100% made in Italy, created with the last generation technology is based on Constant Rate of Elongation (C.R.E.) measure method.

Measuring accuracy is guaranteed on a very fine count in the range of +/- 1 cN/tex or 1%.“TensoTester3” complies with the ISO 2062, ASTM D76 and D2256 standards.

TensoTester3 software has unrivalled simplicity

The TensoTester3 software offers unrivalled simplicity, and therefore, the operator can set and run the test in only one software window. He can also change the measuring units at any job/test. The graphical and numerical results, perfectly aligned with world standards, are displayed in only one window for direct test comparison, simplifying the operator’s role and making it time effective.

The flexible software, installed on a normal PC with Windows10, allows automatic update of the latest features directly from the Tomsic service station. This service is free of charge for its customers. This cost-free advantage guarantees that the customer’s equipment is always fully updated with the most cutting-edge technology.

TensoTester3 data retrieval is based on the Open SQL Server database. This database using the SQL principle enables all data to be exported easily to other computers/databases. All parameters are with OPEN access which permits FREE LAN connection. The reports can be globally read ON-LINE and in REAL TIME.

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