ITEMA exhibiting two brand-new weaving machines and breakthrough weaving innovations

Itema, the world’s largest privately held provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, has prepared an impressive product line-up for ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 in Shanghai on October 15-19, 2018.

Itema A9500p.

Itema at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018

Visitors to ITMA Asia will have multiple chances to appreciate and study the Itema weaving technology, with a total of 15 Itema weaving machines on display, of which 6 in Itema booth (Hall 3 Booth C25) and the rest in Partner booths across Hall 3.

Absolute stars of the Itema machines’ line-up will be two brand-new rapier machines, both representing the Second Generation of well-known Itema models, the R95002denim and the R90002.

Itema R90002

Itema R95002denim: to make its debut in China

The second generation of the Itema denim-dedicated rapier weaving machine, the R95002denim will be exhibited for the first time in China for the benefit of Asia-Pacific weavers.

Launched in April 2018, the Itema R95002denim already became the success case of the year, amassing interest and requests from all over the world. ITMA Asia visitors will see first-hand the extraordinary advantages provided to denim weavers by the R95002denim.

Unparalleled cost savings, superior fabric quality and outstanding user-experience are the key words of the R95002denim which features breakthrough devices and enhanced skills guaranteeing an unrivalled competitive advantage in the market to denim mills.

Saving is the crucial point of the R95002denim. Not only the optimization of the main mechanical components allows a considerable energy consumption reduction but the machine is equipped with the iSAVERTM, a revolutionary device, never-before-seen in the industry, that eliminates the waste selvedge on the left-hand side of the fabric thus leading to unparalleled savings.

Itema R9500 terry.

Designed and developed by ItemaLab – the Itema advanced innovation department, the iSAVERTM combines the most innovative mechatronic principles and provides the saving that the weaver never expected that would have been possible to get. Furthermore, for the first time in the weaving industry, a sustainable approach to fabric production is possible thanks to a significant reduction in resource use and wastage.

The R95002denim is produced with the same quality guarantee in both Itema world class manufacturing plants in Italy and in China, guaranteeing the fastest time to market and the same excellent machine to worldwide Customers.

Itema R90002: presented to the weaving world for the first time at ITMA Asia 2018

Produced and assembled in the Itema manufacturing plant in China, the R9000 comes at ITMA Asia in a fully revamped version by borrowing some of the latest Second Generation technological advancements implemented on the Itema R95002denim. The R9000 Second Generation will set the machine even further apart from its competition due to tangible and substantial benefits for the weaver. In fact, the R90002 has been implemented with optimized components and mechanical highlights leading to significant energy saving and performance improvements compared to the previous model. Moreover, the new machine’s ergonomic guarantees an outstanding user-friendliness by facilitating machine accessibility for the weaver when carrying out daily textile operations and the Itema Electronic NCP – New Common Platform – comes here loaded on a high-performance, super sensitive touch-screen console.

The R90002 on show at ITMA Asia – weaving a fashion apparel style – is equipped with the Itema FPA – Free Positive Approach weft transfer which - due to no guiding elements in the shed – ensures superior versatility. Furthermore, the R90002 will run with the Stäubli dobby 2678 providing enhanced speed and superior machine’s performances.

Itema R95002 denim.

Itema booth: the complete line-up

In addition to R90002 and R95002denim, two more rapier machines and two airjet machines will be exhibited in the Itema booth.

The R9500terry, the champion of the worldwide high-end terry weaving market comes to ITMA Asia fully loaded with its famous and unique advantages and will weave a heavy bath mat style to show its unparalleled textile versatility and superior fabric quality.

Last, but not least, Itema will showcase at ITMA Asia the R9500 in the widest weaving width of its range, 540cm. The continuous roll-out of customized special versions tailored for technical fabrics, as well as dedicated devices for each application, make the R9500 by Itema the perfect machine for the manufacture of the full range of technical textiles, including ones with the finest monofilament yarn, multifilament yarn with high tenacity, and multiple pick insertion fabrics. Considering the prevalence of technical fabrics production in China and in Asian Countries, the R9500 540cm weaving a coating fabric style will definitely represent an attention point in the weaving hall.

On the airjet side, ITMA Asia will be the stage for two Itema airjet machines, the A9500 weaving an apparel fabric and the A9500p weaving a bottom weight fabric.

Developed to run faster and launched in the market during ITMA Asia in 2014, the A9500p is today a real market success due to its tireless production capacity demonstrated in the most demanding Indian mills where a huge number of A9500p daily weave non-stop and with superior fabric quality the widest range of apparel fabrics at the highest production speed. The A9500p on display during the upcoming ITMA Asia will be equipped with all the outstanding technological advancements which make this machine the most innovative airjet in the playground, including the Itema Double Tandem Nozzles which provide superior fabric quality and significant cost savings.

Moreover, an absolute key improvement for the benefit of apparel and fashion fabrics weavers will be exhibited on the A9500 - 280cm - on show. The machine will be equipped with the new Pneumatic Tuckers for 10mm selvedges which ensure a superior fabric quality and represent a substantial added value for weavers.

Itema R9500 (540 cm).

Itema booth: spare parts and after-sales service

In addition to Itema’s line-up of the latest and most innovative new weaving machines in the market, the Company will also feature its spare parts and after-sales support: fast and reliable service when it comes to offering Customers peace of mind through high-quality replacement parts, customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit latest Itema innovations on existing looms, electric, electronic and mechanic repairs to give new life to looms, as well as training to ensure Itema weavers get the most out of their weaving machines. Come by Itema booth to meet our dedicated Product Care and Spare Parts teams.

Lamiflex – an Itema Group Company – booth

In Hall 3 – Booth E9, Lamiflex representatives will be on hand to demonstrate the comprehensive portfolio of original flexible rapier tapes, sprocket wheels and other accessories on the market.

Lamiflex invented the first flexible rapier tape in the market and is now a technological leader when it comes to advanced composite materials design and manufacture of best-in-class tapes and accessories for weaving, as well as a broad range of other industries. First result of synergies between Itema and Lamiflex is the brand-new TLC triple-layer carbon tape featured on the R95002denim.

ITEMA Stand @ ITMA Asia is located at 
Hall 3, Booth C25.


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