BMSvision focusing on Industry 4.0 and smart textile manufacturing

BMSvision is one of the leading suppliers of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for discrete manufacturing, with focus on the textiles and plastics industry. With over 40 years of experience, BMSvision offers a wide range of systems aimed at productivity, quality improvement and energy management.

Through intelligent wireless networking of all production equipment in the mill, the BMSvision Manufacturing Execution System (MES) turns the huge amount of data originating from various production machines and processes into meaningful information for managers. The BMSvision MES suite for the textile industry includes software modules for real-time monitoring, reporting, scheduling, preventive maintenance, fabric inspection and traceability. The Management Dashboard allows the combined presentation of data from these different software modules into one single web based report showing important KPIs at a glance. As such, the manager can have all information related to efficiencies, quality and energy consumption displayed in real-time in one single screen, either on PC, tablet or smartphone.

ITMA ASIA will also see the premiere of two new BMSvision products: MyMES and Argus. MyMES is an App available for both Android and iOS devices and includes a cockpit and an alert module. The cockpit shows the KPIs and most important production data of the plant while the alert module highlights problem areas that need immediate attention.

With its Cyclops system, BMSvision has been a pioneer in the field of on loom quality control for weaving mills. With its new product Argus, BMSvision again pushes the boundaries of automatic on loom inspection. For the first time ever, a system capable of inspecting unicolor jacquard fabrics is now available for weavers of top quality products, such as OPW airbags, mattress ticking.

BMSvision will be welcoming its customers and any mill planning its next steps into smart manufacturing on its stand C16 in the weaving hall H3.


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