Textile Briefs National

1.  The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) urged the government to immediately notify the zero-rating facility of sales tax on import of machinery that expired on June 30 and, as a result, machinery imported for balancing, modernisation and replacement (BMR) and for investing in Greenfield projects is stranded at ports.

2.   Federal Cabinet devised an action plan for increasing the cotton production and its cultivation areas by 45% by 2025 in the country, with recommendations to rationalize existing incentives for sugarcane.

3.  The Cotton Commissioner had claimed that Pakistan annually produces 13 million bales of cotton and therefore, the government has re-imposed the duties on cotton.

4.  PRGMEA Chief said that despite massive efforts, Pakistan's total exports could hardly reach US$ 23.22 billion mark as against the import of over US$ 60.8 billion by end of the fiscal year 2018. He said among overall exports, the textile share is US$ 14 billion.

5.  Pakistan is going to face a challenge from Vietnam after dealing with similar challenges from China, India and Bangladesh. According to one estimate, Vietnam’s textile exports will double to US$ 55 billion between 2015 and 2025.

6.  Punjab Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Mahmood disclosed that Provincial Government is providing approved varieties of cottonseed up to 50% subsidized rate and also providing subsidy voucher at Rs 700 per cotton bag to the core area of cotton growers.

7.  A growth of 9.82% was recorded in exports of the textile sector during the last eleven months (July 2017-May 2018) of the current fiscal year and they increased to the US $12.336 billion from the US $11.232 billion for the same period a year before.

8.  Archroma, leader in colour and specialty chemicals, is working with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Pakistan) for water conservation in the textile sector. The two have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which paves the way for formal cooperation between the two in Pakistan.

9.  APTMA Senior Vice Chairman Zahid Mazhar said that area under cotton cultivation has declined over the last few years as many cotton farmers have shifted to sugarcane. Low yield is another problem and this year about 48% of the area where cotton was cultivated in Sindh was missed due to scarcity and poor management of water.

10.  Caretaker Provincial Minister for Industry and Commerce Punjab Mian Anjum Nisar said that the government was actively considering several proposals to give maximum relief to textile sector in the country for its upgradation on modern lines by motivating the textile exporters towards the promotion of value addition.

11.  Rabbani of the Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association said that textile policy 2014-19 has remained ineffective in achieving the desired target to double value addition from US$1 billion per million bales to US$2 billion per million bales in five years and to double textile exports from US$ 13.1 billion to US$26 billion.


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