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Success Story: The card C 70 is the key to success for constant high quality ring yarn
Selma Wobben, Marketing Rieter Machines & Systems.

Luckyfield Yichang, a customer of Rieter, has an expanding customer base and faced an increasing demand for high quality ring-spun yarn. With the latest generation of cards, C 70, the company was able to boost its production significantly.

Luckyfield Yichang is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. The company is very well known in its province as the leading producer of combed cotton ring spun yarn with a high and constant quality (5% USTER Statistic level). Luckyfield operates 80,000 ring spindles. All fiber and spinning preparation machines are from Rieter. Over the years the customer has invested in four generations of Rieter cards which are all in production.

Cards C 70: The key for high quality ring yarn.

The Challenge: High Quality Yarn at a high production level

For Luckyfield as a high quality combed cotton yarn spinner, it is important to set the quality parameters at the beginning of the spinning process. In order to achieve this, already at an early stage, Luckyfield decided to use Rieter cards to lay the foundation for the yarn quality. Luckyfield’s customers appreciate the high quality of the yarn. Along with an expanding customer base, the required production increased continuously. So it was important for the customer to produce the same high quality with every new card generation at a higher production level.

Mr. Shengwu Yi, Factory Manager, Luckyfield Yichang.

The Solution: The Card C 70

For many years, Luckyfield has utilized Rieter C 4, C 51 and C 60 cards. These cards meet the expectations of the customer in terms of economical production and quality. Based on the excellent experience with those previous Rieter card models, Luckyfield decided in 2012 to purchase four sets of C 70 cards with the Integrated Grinding System IGS (IGS classic and IGS top). C 70 cards with an IGS system secure the quality at an excellent level and require little maintenance. The new C 70 cards produce 90 kg/h of sliver at the same quality level as the C  60 card at 75 kg/h, the C 51 at 50 kg/h and C 4 at 40 kg/h.

The Benefits for Luckyfield Yichang: Increased production at minimal maintenance costs

  • Every new generation of Rieter cards realized a significant increase in production (see table, fig. 1). On the same machine space the sliver production was doubled. This led to lower investment in the building.
  • With the IGS system on the C 70 card, the customer is able to produce up to 3,800 tons of sliver with one set of wires and flats before they need replacing. Since the commissioning of the C 70 in 2012, the customer exchanged the wires and flats only once. This is far above the industry standard of around 1000 tons per set of wires.
  • The savings are tremendous as regards the wire maintenance and low downtime for wire.

IGS-top and the grinding cycle is reduced to a minimum.

The Customer’s Statement

“We are a loyal partner of Rieter. We now have four generations of card from C 4, C 51, C 60 to C 70, which are still in production. Rieter cards are the best in the world. We will keep on buying Rieter cards when we have a new project.” said Shengwu Yi, Mill Manager of Luckyfield Yichang.


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