CompAir launches new electronic condensate drains for compressed
air and industrial gases

Automated Condensate Drainage for total peace of mind

New GDZ Series electronic condensate drains for compressed air and industrial gases, with CompAir brand.  Designed to work in conjunction with compressed air filters, refrigeration dryers, wet air receivers and aftercoolers these drains offer end customers the ability to reduce compressed air leaks and save money.

These drains have been thoroughly tried and tested. The GDZ drains include a number of useful features including non-wearing magnetic-core level control, integrated dirt screen and fault alarm. The new GDZ drains also have a zero purge mechanism thus improving efficiency and overall system performance.

Why Electronic Condensate Drains?

A collection of atmospheric water and oils mixed with carried over compressor lubricants makes condensate the largest volume contaminant in a compressed air system. This acidic and aggressive liquid is removed from the compressed air system by coalescing filters, refrigeration dryers and coolers. The effective drainage of this condensate is paramount to the ongoing health and wellbeing of the whole compressed air system.

Condensate drain options vary, from the basic manual ball valve which requires operators to open the drains on frequent intervals, automatic float drains which open and close as the condensate builds in a reservoir and do not require power but have a habit of creating air leak sources if the float does not seat correctly after opening. There are electronic timed solenoid drains which will open automatically on a set interval, regardless of whether there is condensate or not, sometimes venting valuable compressed air.

The GDZ range of electronic drains operates automatically to give the benefits of the float and timer drain without the potential for wasted compressed air.

The GDZ drain senses when there is condensate inside the internal reservoir and opens to expel the condensate liquid then quickly closes before allowing any valuable compressed air to escape, this gives you the peace of mind that your condensate is being drained without the operator intervention and not wasting energy or compressed air.

Electronic condensate drains with alarm contact monitor condensate drainage. If a fault has occurred, i.e. if the condensate cannot be discharged, the electronic control board of the condensate drain generates an alarm signal. This allows timely detection and avoidance of damage caused by condensate to the downstream compressed air system or to the production, which may sometimes lead to immense cost

Features and advantages

Electronic condensate drains of the GDZ Series feature:

  • Non-wearing magnetic-core level control for optimized and loss free discharge of condensate.
  • Integrated dirt screen between level measurement and drain valve to protect the diaphragm valve with alarm monitoring.
  • Diaphragm valve with large cross-section and condensate pilot control for extended service life.
  • Potential-free alarm contact (except GDZ120, GDZ400).

Non-Wearing Magnetic-Core Level Control

The magnetic-core level control employs fixed switching points to operate the valve. The magnetic core signal transmitter position is detected by non-contact magnetic sensors:

  • Independently of the condensate type (water/oil).

  • Independently of the working pressure.

The collection tank integrated in the condensate drain is always used at optimum efficiency.

This results in a minimized number of switching cycles and thus, in a maximum service life of the drain valve. No calibration required!

Integrated Dirt Screen

The dirt screen which is integrated between the level control and the drain valve:

  • Retains any contaminants that could damage the diaphragm valve.
  • Triggers an alarm, also if the screen is clogged by dirt.
  • Allows the drain to be cleaned easily and rapidly.

Revolving Condensate Inlet with Additional Balance Option:

  • Condensate line can be connected from top or side.
  • Simply rotate the condensate inlet and connect.

The connection for an additional vent line integrated in the top condensate inlet provides completely new connecting options so that condensates can no longer back up into the feed lines.

Servicing Items

The GDZ series has a simple single service kit which covers the whole range. Preventative maintenance should be carried on an annual basis using service kit GDZK

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Pakistani manufacturers gear up for global competition
Adopt Industry 4.0 for efficient running of Compressor Stations

Technology is transforming the way of systems and processes of the modern factory. One might even call it a sea change. Visualizing the impact of Industry 4.0, the fast emerging business process philosophy, Rastgar & Co has taken the lead to sensitize Pakistani Manufacturing sector on this issue. In collaboration with Gardner Denver FZE, Rastgar & Co organized a seminar “INDUSTRY 4.0, Prepare for the World of Tomorrow” at the Ramada Plaza Karachi on 18th July, 2018.

Mr. Charles Joel, Global IoT & Data Analytics Director at Gardner Denver, highlighted how manufacturing sector shall dependency on cloud based processes and move from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

As manufacturers work to identify, adopt and scale enabling technologies – such as smart machines, the Internet of Things, Big Data, plant floor analytics, mobile computers, the cloud and collaborative robotics – maintenance will be redefined and transformed. Charles said, “Gardner Denver has launched iConn, an ‘OPEN’ cloud-based, compressed air management Service from its CompAir brand that enables operators to manage, optimise and improve compressed air-based services”.

Further highlighting the iConn He said, “The iConn Service has been developed to meet this requirement by delivering advanced analytics, which enable operators to stay in control of their installation, the system can provide historic, real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, enabling users to rectify potential issues before they happen”.

Mr. Loic Mazet, Regional Aftermarket Sales Manager Gardner Denver, further elaborated on How a World-Class maintenance strategy can improve efficiency, cost and performance on the factory floor, which in turn can create competitive advantage. But beyond that, enabled maintenance can become a new and different revenue stream for the OEM portion of manufacturing.

He Said, “iConn is available as standard on all new CompAir machines and can be retrofitted to existing compressor installations of any make.  The system will support ancillary and non-Gardner Denver based products, providing a one-stop digital experience for managing an entire compressed air system”.

Rastgar & Co, authorized distributor of CompAir Air Compressors in Pakistan has a track record of organizing such seminars to educate Pakistan Industries on new available technology in order to transform their industry.

With more than 4000 installation all over Pakistan, Rastgar Air Compressors offer complete backup services along with reliable aftermarket support all over Pakistan.


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