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Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. offers complete solutions

Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. was founded in August 1993 with 104 million registered capital and is now considered as one of the key enterprises from China active in Spinning, Weaving, Twisting and Knitting machines. MB Textile Corporation one of the leading importers, indentors and stockist of spinning, weaving, embroidery machinery and parts are the exclusive representative in Pakistan for sale of twisting machinery,  rotor spinning technology (conventional and compact) and Looms from Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Company.

RS40 – Automatic rotor spinning machine in the most ratio of performance to price

After promoting the first semi-automatic rotor spinning machine in the domestic market, Zhejiang RIFA  has introduced the automatic rotor spinning machine and its various performance indexes reaching higher positions in the world. This machine improves yarn quality, production efficiency and reduces labour cost. Comparing with other similar machines internationally it significantly reduces investment cost and increases the reward rate of investment.RS40 is equipped with piecing devices obtaining the speed which closes to the high-quality piecing of similar original yarn at 150,000 rpm spinning speed. High precision laser sensor can measure the speed with the special control procedures, which always ensures the consistency of the rotor speed during the piecing process. It also ensures yarn count in the same twist.Removes damaged fibres and avoids fibre of sliver damage before the piecing improves the piecing quality. Feed servo motor of high precision and servo motor of guiding yarn provide a hardware guarantee for high-quality piecing and make it repeatable. Advanced optometry system ensures qualified piecing into the winding.

TF 10 Two-for-one twister series.

TF 10 Two-for-one twister series

TF 10 Two-for-one twister by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co. Ltd, meets customer’s requirement of the single spindle and large package yarn. It has a wide application range of processing materials for various kinds of coarse yarn such as a polymer, polyamide, blended yarn with wool and cotton, glass fibre and so on.

The automation control optimizes the electrical control system and also control the spindles, winding and yarn guiding mechanism with high-accuracy. The operator can set and monitor the main technical parameters such as spindle speed and twist on the panel. Therefore, the user can achieve the changing of winding and twist by PLC feedback closed-loop control.

Zhejiang RIFA will be present at
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Hall H2, Stand D02.


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