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Tomsic Count Analyser: The total control over your count!

TOMSIC based in Italy continues to invest in the latest design techniques and engineering technologies to offer spinners the best testing equipment to perform the control test on raw material , yarns and fabric in the quality laboratory.

Each component and innovation is designed, planned, created and tested inside Tomsic factory based in Gorizia, Italy, where everything is conducted in full respect of safety and environmental norms and impact. That makes the Tomsic products safer, reliable and at the same time even more competitive.

Count Analyser

The last TOMSIC innovation is the new PC based offline laboratory equipment named Count Analyser.It is a very useful equipment used to test the count of sliver, roving and yarn. In addition to the weight of the samples, “Count Analyser” calculates the Average, CV%, Q95 %, Min. and Max. values. Therefore, it provides to the spinners the weight and counts variation of the produced material throughout the whole spinning process. The spinners have the total control over the production process and the final product.

The weight and count variations are displayed in a graph with warning limits and rejection limits (in different colors based to the set limits) and in the numeric grid in multiple units at the same time (grams, Nec, Nel, New, Nm, tex, Ktex, gr/yd, Denier. ).

“Count Analyser” is equipped with multi-language and operator-friendly software. The flexible software, installed on a normal PC with Windows 10 platform, allows automatic update of the latest features directly from the head Tomsic service station.

“Count Analyser” data retrieval is based on the Open SQL Server database. This database, with maximum 20 years data storage, using the SQL principle enables all data to be exported easily to other programs/databases. All parameters are with OPEN access which permits FREE LAN connection.

The local database of the Tomsic Count Analyser is upgraded with the LINK JOB TECHNOLOGY. The Count Analyser software allows the synchronization of the local database of Count Analyser and remote databases of Easy Evenness Tester and TensoTester3 Automatic Strength Tester. Therefore it permits to associate count tests with TOMSIC evenness tester and strength tester jobs. The system is useful in avoiding errors and is time efficient as well.

TOMSIC is represented in Pakistan by Tahir and Sons based in Lahore. They offer local sales and service assistance to customers all over Pakistan.


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