Italian Review

Savio EcoPulsarS: Automatic Winder

EcoPulsarS with its innovative platform can save up to 30% power bill, reduce yarn waste, air conditioning costs and noise inside the spinning room.

In this context, suction represents 75% of the total energy of a winding machine. EcoPulsarS’s solution of the “individual and independent suction unit per spindle,” represents a real break-through versus the conventional system. Each unit operates at optimum suction values without influencing the rest of the spindles. In addition, independent suction systems are provided to the auxiliary devices for fully automatic machines. This means no more compromises in balancing the suction as in conventional centralized systems, in which the fan is permanently in operation. Since suction is generated only when needed, the customers can save up to 30% power costs, while a better efficiency, a smoother winding process and overall superior package and yarn quality are also achieved during the winding process. The production of waste is another important issue for spinning mills. EcoPulsarS’s waste collection and separation is endowed with an innovative cyclonic system.

EcoPulsarS combining all new features and designs has created an environment in which each part of the machine can operate at its optimum level.


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