Italian Review

SIMET Macchine Tessili recently sold several machines in Pakistan

SIMET sold SESB/SEB BINATRICE Assembly Winder Reunidora  and SRW/SSW ROCCATRICE Winder Enconadora to Sapphire Mill 3.

SIMET electronic assembly winder with grooved drum is a versatile piece of equipment that allows the winding of yarns without damaging the quality of the yarn. The speed can be adjusted electronically, the different radial anti patterning system, the counterweight, the sliding of the cone holder and all yarn passages protected by ceramic, guarantee excellent results  in terms of  productivity, quality of the packages and of the yarn itself.

Electronic Winders Mod. SSW and SRW have been designed and built with the latest technology to meet their customers’ requirements in winding operations, speed from 200 to 1200 mt/min, radial anti patterning system, counterweight and yarn tension that can be adjusted easily.


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