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Marzoli secures important deals with leading Pakistani customers

Marzoli, after a strong positive feedback from the Pakistani spinning industry for its roving frame with automatic doffing and its innovative bobbin transport system, aims to offer its technology as a valuable means for differentiation and reduction of production costs.

In the last two years, Marzoli has installed over 50 roving frames in Pakistan and a substantial boost in demand has been there in the last couple of months.

Marzoli explains the trend as follows: “The market is rewarding the reliability and the technical advantage of Marzoli machine. A sturdy framework in cast iron to minimize vibrations, latest Siemens Sinamics technology, pneumatics by Camozzi, … everything about Marzoli’s machine has been designed for the best performances.”

The strongly advanced mechanics and the latest electronics are integrated by the best and most efficient automatic doffing system available on the market. It takes only three minutes for the Marzoli machine to change the full bobbins with empty tubes, undertake automatic piecing of the rovings and restart. No human intervention is required.

In a global scenario uncertain, complex, highly competitive and with rising energy and labor costs, Marzoli’s spinning solutions allow their clients to achieve leading energetic performances and draw on full automation to reduce unskilled labor inside spinning mills, thereby representing just the right answer to any spinner willing to boost the competitiveness of its production.


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