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Ferraro: Leader in quality, innovation and service

Established in 1951, Ferraro began its journey as a small machinery manufacturer in a small town Lonate Pozzolo, close to Milan, Italy.

Ferraro exports its products to 52 different countries. Today, this company is the perfect choice for the businesses that desire the best quality in the finishing of their knitted and woven fabrics.

With more than six decades of experience, Ferraro has become one of the brands that never compromises on quality and offers the best-in-class technology to the clients, which has made it the developer and provider of best finishing machines as well as other machines.

The company has made its mark in the market with its innovative technology and has launched several groundbreaking machines ever since its inception.

In 2017, Ferraro launched its Rotoclean system machine for removing the leftover oil from synthetic fibers like Lycra and polyester. This latest Ferraro development has quickly become one of the most important patents for the company.

Leaders at Ferraro firmly believe that Pakistan will prove its economic importance to the whole world, and that is why the company wants to present its best technology to customers in Pakistan.

Alex Zucchi, while talking about Pakistan, said that the policies by the government for the textile industry are quite good from the future prospects and will be highly beneficial to the textile industry of Pakistan. Therefore, Ferraro aims to bring the top-quality products and the rich core values to Pakistan.


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