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Chiorino T-E Polyester Power Transmission Belts

The “Passion for Belting” is not only a Chiorino slogan but is the motivation and driver for continuous improvement to fulfil present and future customer requirements.

The textile industry and especially yarn manufacturing requires a wide range of power transmission belts, spindle tapes, machine tapes and conveyor belts.

Chiorino developed, in close cooperation with leading OEM’s and EU’s, a wide range of products to fulfil customer requirements in terms of service life, reliability, energy saving and to reduce cost. The Chiorino T-E Polyester Power Transmission Belts provide cost saving and reliability.

Mr. Tanveer Arif of Corss Belting.

Product range & main applications

  • T25/20E: Ring frames, Draw frames.
  • T25/25E: Cards, Draw frames, OE, covering, TFO.
  • T40/25E: OE.
  • T40/30E: TFO.
  • T40/35E:  Ring frames.
  • T50/30E: TFO.


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