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SMIT GS980: The fastest free flight rapier weaving machine in the market

New SMIT GS980 is the fastest free flight rapier machine of the market and has improved in terms of versatility, performance, production quality, efficiency and sustainability.

The free flight ribbons system had made SMIT weaving machines stand out for years: Smart and flexible, SMIT GS980 has been designed and manufactured in Italy combining some of the most reliable SMIT features with groundbreaking function solutions that make SMIT GS980 an asset that will keep its value for a long time.

Fabrics for apparel, home textile, technical applications and exclusive yarns and patterns can today be woven with excellent quality on SMIT GS980.

The year 2018 represents a significant milestone for SMIT which celebrates 80 years after the foundation in 1938.

The machine’s name has been given after the 80th anniversary of SMIT which was founded in Italy and soon turned out to be an estimated leading manufacturer of weaving machines.


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