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Picanol OptiMax-i 4-R 190 for fancy denim

Picanol has an outstanding track record in theproduction of high-tech rapier machines. Picanol launched its very first weaving machine with rapier insertion in 1975. Since then Picanol has installed over 90,000 rapier machines throughout the world. With industrial speeds of up to 750 rpm, the OptiMax-i is unquestionably the world's fastest rapier weaving machine in industrial production. Highlights of the new rapier include increased performance, more rigid construction, new applications, smart energy efficiency, improved ergonomics and user-friendliness. The

OptiMax-i is available in reed widths ranging from 190 to 540 centimeters. Furthermore, with its Guided Gripper system (GC) and Free Flight system (FF) it is also the most versatile. The Guided Positive Gripper (GPG) system has been developed for dedicated technical fabrics. Meanwhile, additional features have been developed to meet the ever-increasing demand for versatility include among others the Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT), the SmartEye filling detector and the SmartCut filling cutter.

OptiMax-i 4-R 190, fancy denim: Machine configured to show the top speeds achievable with the OptiMax-i.

Warp Co Ne 40/2  Density = 42 ends/cm

Drawing-in width: 179 cm

Weft Co/El Ne 20/, Pa/El Ne 14/1

Density = 29 picks/cm

Features: Blue Box electronic platform, GCv gripper, combining high speed and versatility, Electronic Disc Cutter EDC,  Foreseen for Quick Style Change and Stäubli dobby S3060.


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