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ITEMA’s breakthrough developments for denim weaving


The R95002denim is set to define a new benchmark in denim weaving delivering tangible benefits to denim weavers guaranteeing cost savings, superior fabric quality and outstanding user-experience.

The weft insertion system achieves here the highest performance levels in terms of fabric quality and components wear resistance. The new SK UltraLight Rapiers, specially designed to meet specific indigo fabric needs, feature a revolutionary design which ensure their reduced dimensions and maximum lightness. Streamlined and lightweight, the SK UltraLight rapiers further enhance the Itema Shed Geometry - widely recognized in the industry as the best-in-class -allowing an even smaller shed opening leading to unsurpassed fabric quality.

Itema rapier denim weaving machine, the R95002 denim.

Redesigned and optimized, the tape-hook system provides the remarkable benefit of extending components’ lifetime. The new Itema tapes developed by Lamiflex, an Itema Group company specializing in composite materials, feature an innovative configuration with a triple layer of carbon fiber leading to maximum reliability and represent the first result of the research and development cooperation between the two companies after the acquisition of Lamiflex by Itema.

Additional features include optimized machine ergonomy with a lowered front frame to facilitate loom accessibility, the new ergonomic rapier opener and, last but not least, the new Itema Textile Help dedicated to denim fabrics, a troubleshooting software that - loaded directly on the machine console - provides real-time support to the weaver to quickly overcome the most common textile difficulties that may occur during the weaving cycle.

Saving is the crucial point of the R95002denim. Not only the optimization of the main mechanical components allows a considerable energy consumption reduction but the machine is equipped – in world premiere – with a revolutionary, never-before-seen in the industry device that eliminates the waste selvedge on the left-hand side of the fabric thus leading to unparalleled savings. Designed and developed by ItemaLab – the Itema advanced innovation department, the iSAVERTM combines the most innovative mechatronic principles and provides the saving that the weaver never expected that would have been possible to get. Working up to 4 weft colors and ensuring maximum user-friendliness.


The champion of the worldwide high-end terry weaving market fully loaded with its famous and unique advantages. The R9500terry – in dobby version – represents an absolute best-seller carrying on the rich heritage and reputation in terry weaving of historic Sulzer, Vamatex and now Itema brands. The Itema positive pile back rest roller, unique in the market, guarantees a significant optimization of the pile warp tension, drastically reducing the friction during cloth displacement. Driven by a single motor, the new pile formation unit ensures an easy pile height setting directly from the user interface, guaranteeing superior fabric quality due to the pick-per-pick loop adjustment and cloth displacement up to 28mm (the most advanced in the market), leading to endless creative possibilities. The new ground back-rest roller, equipped with light weight cylinders and a load cell to control the tension, perfectly drives the yarn movement facilitating the shed formation. This innovative winning trio of advanced devices featured on the R9500terry provides unparalleled textile quality and utmost versatility. Furthermore, the R9500terry on show feature a 380cm weaving width which is a unique proposition of Itema being the only weaving machine supplier to provide this version in the market.

A9500 airjet technology.

A9500 airjet technology

The A9500 is enjoying a worldwide boom in demand due to growing number of enlightened customers who understand and appreciate the unique winning characteristics of the Itema airjet machines. When developing new technological devices for its weaving machines, Itema focuses on most innovative tools with the highest added value for the Customer, to assure reliability, user-friendliness and reduced maintenance and operational costs. The A9500 is designed for high productivity, whilst ensuring reduced levels of energy consumption and guaranteeing air savings, as well as top machine reliability.

A popular recent trend to weave stretch and super stretch fabrics with dedicated weft yarns inspired Itema to create and patent the innovative BLC – Brush Lycra Clamp® – nozzle to weave elastic weft yarns. Thanks to the BLC nozzle, the weft is held without movable parts to ensure superior fabric quality and reliability. Another Itema patented feature – the ELD Electronic Leno Device – with its innovative design, self-cleaning and no need to wind the leno spools, provides a perfect leno binding even at highest speeds, whilst reducing significantly operational costs.

The champion of the rapier terry market - the Itema R9500terry.

Thanks to the electronic NCP New Common Platform, the new benchmark for reliability and easy control of all the technical parameters, the A9500 provides immediate, easy and perfect control of the weft insertion parameters.

Courtesy of the Itema customer OZ-Eli, the A9500 will run a typical Turkish apparel style demonstrating real production speed and performance just as experienced in customer’s mill.

R9500 wide version for curtain fabrics

The Itema R9500 wide version is one of the most successful rapier machines in recent history. Traditionally renowned as the preferred supplier for furnishing and upholstery fabrics weaving machines, Itema does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate the superior versatility of the R9500 by weaving sophisticated curtain fabrics. The R9500 fully loaded with best-in-class Itema devices comes directly from Berteks Tekstil, one of the leading producers of high-quality curtain fabrics.

The Motorized Weft Cutter, an Itema innovation designed more than 15 years ago is already ahead of any other textile machinery supplier. This device ensures superior textile efficiency due to the possibility to set independent cutting times for each weft, leading to utmost versatility and reduced fabric waste. The Itema SK Rapiers coupled with the Motorized Weft Cutter make the R9500 by far the most versatile and flexible rapier machine on the market.


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