Seminar on JINGWEI’s Digital Spinning Solution

CTMTC and JINGWEI in cooperation with R&R Corporation Pvt. Ltd. organized a seminar on JINGWEI’s Digital Spinning Solution at Ramada Plaza (Eiffel Hall) on 1st May 2018. The seminar was attended by large number of professional’s from Pakistan’s textile industry and showed their keen interest in the latest spinning solutions by JINGWEI.

According to Mr. Shi Jianping of JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co. Ltd, “JWTM is the supplier of complete cotton spinning equipment solution. We have a history of more than 60 years and listed company in China, their annual operating income is over 10 billion Yuan. R & R Corporation in collaboration with JINGWEI and CTMTC has sold over a million spindles in Pakistan across 30 years. These digital spinning solutions includes following: Sliver can transportation system from carding to roving, bobbin transportation system from roving to ring, long ring spinning frames up to 1,800 spindles with auto doffing, link coner from ring to winding, cone conveyor from winding to packing, automatic cone–palletising system, pallet conveyor to the bagging department, automatic PE bagging of cones and PE bags conveying system.”

He added, “Through this seminar, we can increase the understanding and enhance the confidence in our cotton spinning equipment. JWTM is willing to provide more advanced, more cost-effective and more competitive complete cotton spinning equipment, benefit each other and realize win-win cooperation. JWTM wishes to work together with old and new friends in Pakistan textile industry for a better tomorrow. We invite everyone to China to visit JINGWEI Pilot Plant of complete intelligent cotton spinning equipment, and to JWTM Beijing headquarters to discuss about the development plan of textile industry.”

In next step we will set up a pilot plant in Pakistan to ensure more customers observing JWTM automation and equipment with high efficiency. Moreover, we will set up after sales centre soon. Also we will train local engineers after which they will join our after sales team.

Setting up of spare parts warehouse is also our target so that customer can purchase order from internet and get the goods from local storage. Besides we will provide service through tele-maintenance system.

According to Mr. Chen Jing, President of CTMTC, “ In recent years, due to the changes in the political and economical situations at home and abroad, Pakistani textile industry has faced tremendous difficulties and industrial development has been stoped. With the adjustment of the national industrial policy of Pakistan and the CPEC implementation, Pakistan’s textile industry is about to meet a spring of development. We have notifced that the demand of Pakistani market has changes a lot. The revolution of technology is getting faster and faster.”

He added, “JWTM has the basis for cooperation with the Pakistan textile industry and has more potential for cooperation. JWTM attaches great importance to the Pakistani market. With the help of this seminar, our sales team fully introduced the latest development of our cotton spinning equipment and the application of new technologies.”

Mr. Rana Mahboob Hasan- CEO R&R Corporation Pvt. Ltd. shared vote of thanks to the event attendees for their participation followed by dinner.

China Hi-Tech Group Corporation

Established in 1998 the corporation is working under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Currently it has two subsidiaries with a working and distribution network in many different parts of the world. The corporation is dealing in the businesses of textile machinery; textiles and trade and covering business units as textile machinery etc.

China Texmatech Co. Ltd.

China Texmatech Co., Ltd. (CTMTC) was established in 1984 and is the largest enterprise in China specialized in the import and export of textile machinery and technology. Introduction of JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. is the mile stone the CTMTC has achieved.

JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co Ltd

JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., is the biggest textile machinery manufacturer in China which is working as the shareholder and performing full-scale strategic cooperation since 2004. The foundation of JINGWEI Textile Machinery has turned CTMTC into company limited from a state-owned company.


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