Value added textile exporters facing severe hardships

Huge amount of exporters’ liquidity of billions of rupees in shape of refunds of sales tax claims, customs rebate, withholding tax and payments of DDT and DLTL have been stuck up with the government causing great suffering to the already harassed and burdened exporters who are now at a loss to understand how to make both ends meet and such an alarming situation will ruin the export business of the value-added textile exporters.

The government has been making just budget announcements without any firm commitment to release the refund claims since last several years, said Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum.

He said that in the past, there was never such hardships faced by the value added textile exporters who are battling for their survival in the global market against severe competition from better endowed neighbouring and other competing countries in the face of the severest ever liquidity crunch in the so-called sitting business-friendly government. Sales tax refund claims and customs rebate claims are not being paid to them for any reason at all.

He articulated that value-added textile export sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy earns the major amount of foreign exchange and revenue for the government. Besides, the sector is also labour-intensive and largest employment provider and generator.


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