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Test the yarn…and ‘see’ the fabric
USTER’s Total Testing Center brings new insights for yarn producers and users.

Among the innovative practical benefits of the USTER® TESTER 6 are objective forecasts of yarn behavior and appearance, through the integrated Total Testing Center.

The yarn prognosis feature covers three key parameters which give knitters and weavers an accurate assessment of yarn performance – before fabric manufacturing starts. Spinners will also welcome the new yarn-grading options as an indication of customer satisfaction.

Reliable prognosis for pilling

Manual pilling trials on fabrics take time and cost money – and even then, the results depend on the subjective views of operators. With USTER® TESTER 6, yarn is analyzed and graded objectively by Assistant Q. The results are instant, based on reliable data from algorithms developed on thousands of samples. The accuracy of the pilling prognosis grades has been proven in blind testing.

Fabric appearance forecasting

The Total Testing Center can forecast the look of a fabric in a single step, based on yarn quality data from USTER® TESTER 6.

The forecast provides a grade and a picture of how the fabric will look, so the buyer and seller can be sure they are working to the same standards, with no room for misunderstandings. Customers can see the finished fabric, without waiting for fabric samples to be made.

Weaving performance prediction

Combining strength testing parameters from USTER® TENSOJET 4 with yarn quality parameters from USTER® QUANTUM 3 allows weaving performance predictions.  Only the Total Testing Center can detect weak places reliably and predict the weaving behavior of yarns. Weaving performance grades pinpoint batches with a high risk of yarn breaks during weaving.

Yarn prognosis features with USTER’s Total Testing Center offer a new level of quality assurance and a valuable competitive edge in critical markets.


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