IGATEX Pakistan 2018

Fukuhara displayed MXC-E5RE Single-Knit Multi Feeder Knitting Machine

The MXC-E5RE Single-Knit Multi Feeder Knitting Machine model is the five feeders/inch ‘Super Multi Feeder’ knit machine. The increased number of feeders, (approximately 1.6 times their conventional 3SRE or S3.2RE), makes this model a highly productive machine. Therefore, the required amount of basic fabrics can be knitted in much shorter time, resulting in lower electric energy consumption. The super multi feeders of this machine allows the customer to knit stripe patterns with larger pattern repeats.

E-NEEDLE® for ‘economy, environment and evolution’

Fukuhara is the only circular knitting machine in the world producing both the machines and the needles/sinkers. Fukuhara is represented in Pakistan by Al Murtaza Machinery Company.

E-NEEDLE® is the next generation needle on which the shapes of the main body and rear area have been modified to reduce the amount of contact with the cylinder slot. The new design makes it possible to greatly reduce both the amount of energy required for the operation and the amount of heat generated by friction.


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