IGATEX Pakistan 2018

Erhardt+Leimer: Automatic detection of the front and backside of textiles

German automation and inspection specialist Erhardt+Leimer together with its agent Intertex Corporation presented a new camera application for the detection of the front and back side of a textile web.

The system named “ELSIDE“ recognizes the structure of the material even at high production speeds and irrespective of the material distortion; in this way, it is able to differentiate between the front and back side.

ELSIDE is suitable for use in all textile manufacturing processes in which incorrectly sewn sections can have a negative influence on the downstream process. Therefore, before starting production, only a short teaching procedure is required during which the matrix CCD camera captures the structure of the textile web. Afterwards, an alarm signal is issued in the event of incorrectly sewn sections.

Apart from this new solution, E+L will also present two ELCUT cutting systems from their large range of products for the textile industry. The highly successful BTA80 edge cutting system, sold 1800 times (in pairs) since it was launched in 2013, and the BT 2535 tube slitter with its FE 5204 matrix drop stitch sensor, which reliably detects a very wide range of different drop stitch forms.

In addition, the ELSMART web guiding and spreading system, the ELSTRAIGHT weft straightener and the camera-based ELCOUNT pick and course counter system will also be shown during the exhibition.


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