IGATEX Pakistan 2018

CTMTC and Jingwei display JWF1213 Carding Machine

CTMTC and Jingwei presented their state of the art JWF1212 carding machine during IGATEX 2018 exhibition at Lahore Expo Centre.

The JWF1213 Carding Machine strikes the perfect balance between quality and production capacity. The carding arc length decides the quality. The longest carding arc length of 2.8 meters ensures the best quality. The card ensures stable and reliable quality with the new type of driving method and a leaning unit with high efficiency.

The new type of driving method, cylinder and licker-in adopt a high torque motor, featured by stable start and reliable rotary. Doffer is driven by vector motor to ensure stability in low speed, high speed and speed conversion. Flat and flat brush roller is driven by independent vector motor for convenient speed adjustment.

Licker-in is designed with two noil area whose length is adjustable outside of the machine. It is designed with two sets of mote knife, pre carding segment for efficient removal of trash. The new dust filtering system adopts the streamlined structure and is more in line with the flow kinematics, which can save energy and reduce cost.

According to Mr. Chen, President of CTMTC, the benefits of the machine include reduced labour, reduced energy consumption and guaranteed product quality. The machine on display has been sold to Saritow Spinning Mills.


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