IGATEX Pakistan 2018

Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, Suessen and SSM

The five companies Bräcker, Graf, Novibra Suessen and SSM joined their sales forces, uniting the world's leading brands for the supply of technology components to the textile industry, forming the only global provider of components for all spinning technologies. The assortment includes the complete product range of components from fibre to yarn. Technology parts for sliver preparation, spinning components for all spinning technologies, products for high-end and basic technology as well as global sales, service, engineering and manufacturing.

Lukas Castulik, Area Sales Manager, Novibra; Georgios Katis, Technical Sales, Graf; Ioannis Spiridopulos, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales; Fritz Moser, Senior Sales Manager, Bracker and Olivier Dessouslavy, Area Sales Manager, SSM.


Novibra presents the LENA (Low Energy Noise Absorption) high-speed spindle, which reduces the energy consumption of the ring spinning machine. And thanks to the CROCOdoff clamping mechanism, which provides doffing without underwinding and eliminates underwind threads, there are fewer ends down and less fiber fly.


The show highlights presented by Graf included a wide selection of clothings for all types of card, providing optimum carding quality for the production of high-grade yarns. With regard to combs, the focus was on Ri-Q-Comb flex. Up to 20% fewer imperfections are achieved with this new height-adjustable technology.


Suessen presented the compacting system EliTe®CompactSet with innovative components and assemblies such as the EliTop Advanced, which increase the lifetime of coatings by up to 100% and reduce the finishing and workshop time by up to 50%.

The family of HP-GX Top Weighting Arms for short staple, roving and worsted spinning machines are equipped with finely tuned heavy-duty plate springs without friction in the load transmission. The HP-GX 3010, for short staple, in combination with ACP Quality Package (Active Cradle with PINSpacer NT) reduces IPIs in cotton spinning up to 60 % and Uster CV% up to 15%.


Bracker presented an innovative traveller coating and a new ring/traveller combination. The advantages include the surface coating of the ONYX travellers which facilitates greater efficiency. The improved gliding characteristic allows for an increase of the spindle speed by up to 1000 rpm and prolongs the life of the traveller by up to 50%. The large contact surface between SFB traveller and ORBIT ring allows for higher spindle speeds, even with viscose or fibers that are vulnerable to thermal damage, e.g. polyester.


SSM is one of the world’s leading suppliers of precision winding machines in the fields of dyeing, weaving and sewing thread preparation and enjoys success in individual segments of filament yarn production. In the fiscal year 2016, SSM generated net sales of CHF 85.9 million with 246 employees and achieved an EBITDA margin of 14.8%. Last year in June 2017, Rieter acquired the SSM Textile Machinery Division from Schweiter Technologies AG, Horgen (Switzerland). SSM comprises the companies SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG in Horgen and subsidiaries in Italy and China.

With this acquisition, Rieter is investing in adjacent fields of the textile value chain.  SSM’s expertise in the field of precision winding offers opportunities for Rieter in the business with short-staple spinning machines. Rieter will continue to operate SSM in its current form and with the existing management.u


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