Ready to spin in 100 days
 A success story of the compact spinning machine K 42

Rieter's customer Nitin Spinners Ltd. wanted to serve a niche market as quickly as possible. Optimal cooperation between the customer and Rieter has made this ambitious project possible. Within 100 days, 72 960 compact spindles were installed.

Nitin Spinners Ltd. manufactures pure cotton yarns and fabrics for the national and international market in Bhilwara Rajasthan, in the northwest of India. With a capacity of 223,000 spindles and 3 000 rotors, Nitin Spinners produces 50 000 tons of yarn and 9,000 tons of fabric per year.

The Challenge: Fastest possible start of production

Nitin Spinners wanted to start producing compact yarns with the most advanced compact spinning machines in order to offer a wider range of yarns. The management's declared goal was to start as early as possible in order to achieve the production targets. Important for Nitin Spinners was that productivity and quality were high and power consumption low right from the start.

High yarn quality thanks to the K 42 compact spinning machine.

The Solution: The compact spinning machine K 42

After extensive consultation, the customer decided on the Rieter compact spinning machine K 42 in a project of 72,960 spindles. Rieter put together a project team made up of experts from Sales, Products, Operation and Service & Technology to ensure smooth and rapid installation and commissioning. This gathered expertise from all disciplines achieved perfect synergy. Co-ordination with other suppliers, such as humidification and filter plants, compressed air and electricity, ran smoothly. The project was implemented in close cooperation with the customer: Regular coordination meetings were held to ensure that the right equipment was always available at the right time during the installation phase.

The Benefits for Nitin Spinners: Ready to go within 100 days

Rieter was able to achieve all agreed values for productivity, yarn quality and power consumption within the stipulated time frame. The combination of the best machines of their kind, coupled with a systematic approach, made an important contribution towards ensuring that the project could be implemented within 100 days. The timely commissioning enabled Nitin Spinners to meet the customer's order deadlines as agreed. Thanks to optimum raw material utilization, the quality of the yarn was improved and a high quality of the Com4®compact compact yarn was achieved.

Rieter machines for fibre and spinning preparation: perfectly matched technology.

The Customer's Statement

“We are very grateful to Rieter for delivering the machines on time as well as providing the best team of technical experts for installation and commissioning. Every member of the team did a remarkable job in ensuring that the machines were assembled within 100 days.” Sandeep Garg, President – Operations, Nitin Spinners Ltd.


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