German Review

Welker Spintech conditioning and heat-setting machines

WELKER is a leading German textile machinery company in the field of conditioning and heat-setting since 1856. With more than 1850 installations world wide it is the most experienced long term specialised supplier. More than 60 agencies world wide belong to the sales and service network.


The rectangular design of CONDIBOX improves the utilisation of space which represents a considerable reduction of volumes inside the machine. It is quite clear to everybody that less volume to be heated up also needs less energy to do it.

There are a number of key improvements with the objective to increase the efficiency of the machines and to reduce the cost of both water and energy, making the CONDIBOX the most advanced conditioner available in the market:

  • ULTRAFLAT design to reduce volume and loading height.
  • Indirect ECOHEATERS with optional ECOCYCLE energy recovery.
  • NEW optional WATERFREE pumps.
  • NEW optional PREVAP patent to increase moisture.


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