German Review

Suessen leader in compact and open-end rotor spinning technology

EliTe®CompactSet Advanced is the world’s most in demand compact spinning system. New innovative components and devices as the EliTop Advanced increase lifetime of cots up to 100% and reduce handling in buffing and workshop up to 50%. EliTe®CompactSet Advanced is the most flexible and versatile compact spinning system available – it can be fitted on any type of ring spinning machine and process all types of fiber materials with no yarn count limitations. The optional EliTwist® spinning method combines compact spinning and twisting of a two-ply yarn in one single step of production, and therefore is the most economical way to produce two-ply yarn.

The family of HP-GX Top Weighting Arms for short staple, roving and worsted spinning machines are equipped with finely tuned heavy-duty plate springs without friction in the load transmission. The HP-GX 3010, for short staple, in combination with ACP Quality Package (Active Cradle with PINSpacer NT) reduces IPIs in cotton spinning up to 60% and Uster CV% up to 15%.

Premium parts spinning components, spare parts and modernization packages for rotor spinning machines such as ProFiL®Rotors, ProFiL®Navels, SOLIDRINGs, PS7 TwinDiscs are most precisely manufactured to guarantee homogeneous yarn quality throughout the complete machine in order to ensure flawless textile fabrics.


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