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Success for Monforts in Pakistan

In complete control with the Monforts Qualitex 800

Monforts Qualitex 800 control system for the automatic and continuous operation of the company’s equipment.  It is suitable for Montex stenters, Thermex and E-Control continuous dyeing ranges, Monfortex and Toptex shrinking systems and Eco Applicator, texCoat and all-round coating units. The Qualitex 800 has all the intuitive features, operators will be familiar with from touchscreen smart phones and tablets, to make navigation extremely easy and cut down the time required for becoming familiar with the system. Operation is via touchscreen and wheel-effect selection and the dashboard can be individually configured to meet the exact needs of an operator’s tasks. All parameters for setting up a machine – the working width, the chamber temperatures, drive selections and energy settings – can be pre-selected to a comprehensive range of stored and well-proven recipes specific to the weight, construction and fibre content of the individual fabric being processed.  The machine can then be set to ‘Monformatic Mode’ to allow it to operate automatically, based on maximized pre-set values in respect of parameters such as machine speed, fabric dwell time and the fixation temperature for specific finishing operations.

Relaxed knits with the Monforts Eco Applicator

Knitted fabrics must never be stretched and need to be treated in a relaxed state. This is why, for example, the Montex stenter dryer with vertical chain return incorporates a TwinAir nozzle system. This ensures the relaxed fabric is kept at a suitable height in between the upper and lower nozzle system, allowing for the fabric’s ‘bowing’, since it can’t be stretched.  Similarly, the Eco Applicator for knits is fitted with an advanced guidance system specially-adapted to the needs of delicate treatments and eliminating any possible ‘curling’ of the fabric edges prior to entering the stenter.  Compared with a padder system, where the initial moisture content of the fabric entering the stenter is 60%, with the Eco Applicator it is reduced to 40% and the system also has the shortest fabric path from the coating unit into the stenter.

Denim success for Monforts

Monforts is currently enjoying solid success within the denim sector, which is now dominated by manufacturers here in Pakistan and the surrounding countries.  The major manufacturers have been very successful in supplying their products to the key markets, which remain Europe and the USA, and heightened sustainable credentials are becoming increasingly important. Specifically for denim manufacturers, the Monforts Eco Denim concept combines the company’s Eco Applicator with the Thermex Thermo Stretch unit for the stretching and skewing of denim fabric under steam, with a much gentler treatment than was previously achievable. This results in both higher productivity and again, lower energy consumption.

Further efficiencies stem from the integration of the self-cleaning Eco Booster HRC which is now fully integrated into the latest chamber design on Montex stenter dryers. This module is equipped with an electric drive for computer-controlled optimisation of the heat exchanger’s performance to the prevailing exhaust air streams – something that is not possible with purely static heat exchanger modules. High quality and differentiation through advanced finishing techniques are essential to success in the highly-competitive denim market.


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