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DiloGroup’s latest carding technology at Kisbu Group

DiloGroup has put into operation a newly developed high capacity carding installation of 3800 mm working width including MultiFeed card feeding and DON dosing opener at Kisbu A.S. in Muratli/Tekirdag, Turkey.

The fibre preparation stage includes Baltromix fibre opening, carding willow and a Mixmaster fibre blending installation of DiloTemafa. The carding installation is followed by a water entanglement line, various dryers, automatic production control system as well as cutting and winding equipment. The complete line has been designed to produce technical products using different raw materials. The products of the new line may be used in the following applications: medicine, hygiene, industrial and automotive.

KisbuGroup was founded in 1978. Since then they have extended successfully into the textile, synthetic materials and construction industries and in 1997 Kisbu started producing nonwovens. The new nonwoven line delivered by DiloGroup in 2017 has started production successfully.

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