RMG focus on sustainability, adopt water saving technologies

The popularity of Bangladesh RMG is such that every third European has a T-shirt made in Bangladesh and every fifth American wears jeans manufactured in Bangladesh. The country exports the US $28.14 billion worth of the items or 6.4% of the global share and the export target by 2021 is to push it up to $50 billion.

A study by International Finance Corporation (IFC) reveals, every year, 1,500 billion litres of water is used to dye and wash the cotton and clothes for the garment industry. This is enough to fill up 600,000 Olympic swimming pools. This water can meet the demand of 8 lakh people for a whole year. For the average jeans, one wears that weighs 1kg, it takes 250 litres of water to wash. This is not at all hard water we are talking about. It’s all drinking water, pumped out from underground.

In Bangladesh worst part is the garment industries discharge water into rivers and canals after use. This makes the water highly polluted with toxic chemicals and dyes. Bangladesh has around 789 dyeing and finishing factories to serve some 4,000 garment factories, according to the IFC, consuming a major part of underground water, says in a study by International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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