Pakistan eyes on Central Asian Republics, African markets to boost exports

In order to boost exports from the country, Pakistan is exploring new markets in resource-rich regions of Central Asia and Africa. We are working to enhance our economic ties with these potential markets of Pakistan products, which would help boost country's trade, said Director Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Khalid Rasool.

Exploring the regional market was the top priority of the government; he said adding efforts were on to promote trade and economic relations with Africa, Central Asian economies and Afghanistan.  

Pakistan had potential to enhance the country's exports in pharmaceutical, surgical instruments, including variety of textiles items such as synthetic textile products, raw cotton, cotton yarn, leather and sports goods, electronics, Seafood, furniture, cement, apparel, marble and agro-based industry like rice, beef, sugar, poultry chicken, potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

Pakistan was looking for easy access of neighbouring partners to bigger markets of the region, technology sharing focussing on collective regional prosperity. Khalid Rasool said that Central Asian States presented a consolidated market of 289 million consumers, with GDP of US$ 593.56 billion, which offered a huge reservoir of untapped economies.

He said Pakistan/Central Asian Republics relations were based on geographical proximity, common history, religion, culture, traditions, values and destiny. Pakistan and these states could work together in areas of trade, economic stability and development of the region, the Director TDAP said.


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