Heimtextil 2018

Kiian Digital's disperse inks

JK Group will attend Heimtextil to showcase Kiian Digital’s solutions developed for the Interior Textile Industry.

Visitors will “touch and feel” prints produced using Digistar Bravo: Kiian Digital’s disperse dye inks for direct printing, compatible with Kyocera printheads. Digistar Bravo meets the Interior Textile Industry criteria of high quality, outstanding general fastness, high runability in industrial applications and environmental friendliness.

According to Alessandra Borghi, Kiian Digital Sales Director. “Consumers want to personalize the design and decoration of their homes and businesses based on their emotions and passions. The challenge for Home Textiles Industry professionals is turning these dreams into reality.”

“Digital printing with Digistar Bravo provides printers with the opportunity to create unique combinations of colors and designs,” said Borghi.

“The ability to transition from volume production to customized manufacturing is a key challenge even for the Interior Textiles Market,” affirms Marco Girola, JK Group Marketing Specialist. “Digital Textile printing with Digistar Bravo support this. The dyestuffs selected for each color, in particular the extremely deep intensity and shades of blacks and spot colors allow printers to freely reproduce leading-edge color palettes and achieve superior fastness. An endless variation of prints can be produced in cost-effective way,” says Marco Girola.

Eco-friendliness is a must for consumers. Leading consumer brands have integrated sustainability into their business strategy for the Interior Textile Industry. “JK Group is the premium partner for these leading brands,” adds Alessandra Borghi, Kiian Digital Sales Director. “Kiian Digital through its full Textile Standard Compliance Program enables production of sustainable prints. Recently, we have made considerable progress in this regard. Kiian Digital’s ECO PASSPORT certified ink, Digistar Hi-Pro, has entered the ZDHC Chemical Gateway.

The ECO-PASSPORT certification has been accepted by the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program as an indicator of conformance with the organization’s Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL),” concluded Borghi.

In addition to the disperse ink, Digistar Bravo, the Kiian booth will also feature pigment inks designed for the Interior Textile Industry including Digistar K-Choice and the full range of Sublimation inks.


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