Machinery manufacturers help in digitization

German textile machinery helps textile manufacturers interested in digitization, developing and manufacturing new products, enhancing competitiveness by increasing efficiency and quality, and saving energy and material resources.

Traditionally the United States has been one of the top five destinations for German textile machinery. Strong sectors in the United States include technical textiles and nonwovens, and also home textiles like carpets. In the first half of 2017, German exports of textile machinery and accessories to the United States reached more than US $130 million.

Germany is a leading supplier of textile machinery. German textile machinery is characterized by its high quality and customer-specific production. Among Germany’s textile machinery exports, spinning machinery takes top place. This is followed by knitting and hosiery machinery, finishing machinery and weaving machinery.

The initial price for a German machine pays off after a few years due to low maintenance costs and reliability in production. German textile machinery is meant for high quality garments or technical textiles. High product quality requires high quality machinery, so textile producers aiming for India is rated among the top four major markets worldwide for German textile machinery manufacturers.


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