ShanghaiTex 2017

Bräcker high quality components for ring spinning machines

ONYX travellers

The ground-breaking surface treatment of the ONYX travellers facilitates a higher efficiency in the spinning mills. The improved gliding characteristics allow for an increase of the spindle rpms by up to +1000 rpm and prolong the life of the traveller by up to +50%. On top of that the running-in period is considerably reduced. The combination of these factors substantially increases the production in the spinning mill and at the same time reduces costs.

The benefits of the ONYX surface treatment gives rise to improved production in the spinning mills at an efficient price-performance ratio.

ONYX traveller – an optimized surface functionalization.

Bräcker OPAL® rings for Chinese ring spinning frames

The Bräcker OPAL rings are running in the Chinese market for more than 5 years, in various kinds of yarns, like regular, compact, siro, cotton and MMF. OPAL are outstanding for low hairiness and good evenness.

Bräcker OPAL® rings for Chinese ring spinning frames

BERKOL® multigrinder

The entire range of top rollers and long cots used in a spinning mill can be processed on ONE single machine. Any execution of center guided top roller is ground fully automatically on the BERKOL® multigrinder. With this system one achieves a grinding capacity of up to 150 top rollers per hour, while the BERKOL® multigrinder can be left unattended for as long as 30 minutes. In addition to the automatic grinding of top rollers, with the BERKOL® multigrinder there is the benefit of the semi-automatic grinding of long cots with up to 490 mm axis length. Thanks to these two applications on one and the same grinding machine the number of grinding systems required can be reduced in the mill.

 BERKOL® multigrinder.


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