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New preventive maintenance packages – the parts you need,
right when you need them
Marc Simmen, Product Manager,Upgrades and Conversions After Sales, Rieter.

Rieter is strengthening its service offering by implementing preventive maintenance packages for use in overhauls of Rieter machines. This new solution ensures customers can order the parts in one package, right when they need them.

Fiercely competitive market conditions mean that yarn producers have to minimize production stops. One planned maintenance overhaul operation is then less costly than several small urgent production stoppages. Rieter now offers preventive maintenance packages for overhauls of Rieter machines to help producers stay one step ahead of competition by maximizing uptime.

Fig. 1a: Example of some parts included in the preventive maintenance package for UNIfloc A 11.

Best original quality at lower costs

The best original quality of parts supplied by Rieter is nothing new. Rieter preventive maintenance packages provide the same original quality parts with considerably lower costs than if each were purchased individually. Through these packages, customers benefit from Rieter’s strong industry expertise in three main areas:

Maximum uptime – one planned overhaul operation instead of several small production stops for maintenance.

Best original quality – supplied by Rieter.

Cost savings – considerably lower costs when acquiring the parts as a package.

Fig. 1b: Example of some parts included in the preventive maintenance package for the ring and compact spinning doffing systems.

A preventive approach

Rieter machines are renowned for their outstanding performance. But even the best equipment needs replacement parts now and then. Over the years, our specialists have analyzed Rieter's equipment from A to Z and identified several performance-critical parts to be replaced over a certain period of time (Fig. 1a, 1b).

This enables customers to easily plan ahead their preventive maintenance. Parts included in preventive maintenance packages are customized to each specific machine configuration and customer needs.

Fig. 2: Rieter offers a modular approach to preventive maintenance, customized to customers' needs.

The preventive maintenance package is a modular offering which consists of:

  • A customer specific maintenance package including all the necessary parts to reduce downtime to a minimum.
  • Conditional recommended parts to further complete your maintenance package and reach maximum uptime.
  • Maintenance service, available upon request, with Rieter specialists installing the preventive maintenance package and performing the necessary settings (Fig. 2).
  • The preventive maintenance packages are available for a wide range of Rieter machines and continuously extended to further machines to meet customer needs worldwide.


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