TOMSIC Drawframe Autoleveller for long fibres

TOMSIC, based in Italy since 1956, is one of the leading companies active in production and marketing of complete laboratory equipment for the spinning mills as well as autoleveller system for cards and drawframs.

TOMSIC continues to develop innovative products to control and improve the quality of sliver, because its goal is to achieve the best quality results. Large and increasing amount of drawframes and cards are nowadays equipped with TOMSIC autoleveller. Why? Because only the TOMSIC autolevellers offer unbeatable results, easy operation, very low maintenance cost and long-life expectancy.

Before the installation.

After the installation.

The Tomsic company recently introduced the NEW TOMSIC DRAWFRAME AUTOLEVELLER FOR LONG FIBRES. The new generation of Tomsic drawframe autolevellers is equipped with 100% digital autolevelling system. The new system allows greater precision and excellent results in terms of the quality of the sliver output on your drawframe.

Example of an installation:
Test results before the installation

Test results after the installation

The new drawframe autoleveller guarantees lower service costs because it replaces many mechanical parts. Only the T&G scanning rollers are reused. (As can be seen in ‘Before Installation’ and ‘After  installation’ images given on the next page). Furthermore together with 100% digital scanning sensor and the electronic draft, a sophisticated output sliver monitoring and production data system are also included for the benefit of spinning mills. The readers are encouraged to contact Tomsic Company or Tahir and Sons, the Tomsic agent based in Lahore, Pakistan and get further information about the Tomsic Drawframe Autoleveller.


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