DPS World -2017

New 3200 mm wide version of the JAVELIN® printer

JAVELIN was highlighted at DPS World exhibition in Lahore, as an affordable solution for test markets, short runs and large volume requirements. This new technology by SPGPrints has brought the benefits of digital printing to the mainstream textile market.

JAVELIN is designed for companies printing up to two million meters of textiles annually. The printer uses a single-pass scanning action with an array of Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads to cover the 1850 mm width with sharp image production.

Fine line details, smooth gradients, blotches and geometrics can be accurately printed thanks to JAVELIN’s variable drop-size capability (2pL – 10pL) at a true native resolution of 1200 dpi. A new 3200 mm-wide version of the JAVELIN printer for the home deco market is also available for Pakistani market.

Rieks Reyers, Marketing and Sales Director, SPGPrints, comments:  “With the latest production expansion, the Kufstein facility is the ideal choice for the machine’s production and assembly. It is well-equipped to provide efficient, high-quality serial machine production, enabling us to offer short lead times, and to accelerate the adoption of this game-changing technology.”

JAVELIN features SPGPrints’ unique Archer® print head technology that allows precision printing from a longer jetting distance. With nozzles located 4 mm from the substrate, JAVELIN is compatible with a wider range of substrates, including sublimation papers, while the chance of print head damage is minimal. Additionally, using only six colours, Archer technology enables a gamut wider than that of other digital textile printing solutions.

The sales and service of the JAVELIN printer are coordinated at SPGPrints’ Boxmeer (Netherlands) headquarters, where the demonstration centre and digital textile ink factory are also located.


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