MS Printing Solutions: LaRio revolutionalizes digital printing horizon

Founded in 1983, MS Printing Solutions S.r.l., Italy, is a market leader in the design, development and distribution of innovative digital ink-jet printing systems and associated consumables serving the high-end, roll-to-roll textile printing and specialty material markets. In 2014, the company was acquired by Dover Corporation, Downers Grove, IL, USA.

Khalid Aleem from Business Systems International (BSI) represents MS Printing in Pakistan.

He said during an interview with PTJ; “MS is committed to Pakistan and sees a great future and market potential of digital printing as we already have many references in Pakistan. MS LaRio provides greatly reduced production downtime, any size of printing repeat, an infinite range of colours and last, but not the least, a very low environmental impact. I would say that our payback period is roughly two or maximum three years.”

The MS LaRio is the only single-pass digital printer that works with both reactive and disperse inks with changeover time between inks is only 10 minutes, compared to 120 minutes associated with traditional printing. In addition to higher print quality, there are several other significant benefits to digital printing – most notably, savings in time and space, faster print speeds and the ability to print with both reactive inks, which are used with fabrics like wool, cotton and silk, and disperse inks, which must be used with polyester.

The LaRio is like two machines in one. The quality is the same no matter what speed you print. The LaRio has a maximum of 75 meters (246 feet) and with the LaRio the heads are stable, the alignment is fixed; whereas with other types of printing, it can be hard to print on the same spot.

Sargodha Cloth Processing Mills Ltd. based in Faisalabad has placed the order for the first LaRio to be installed in Pakistan. This state of the art single pass machine is with 210 heads for an initial production of 40,000 to 60,000 metres per day. The machine has already been shipped and is in the process of erection and commissioning with the production expected to start end of November 2017.

MS LaRio represents the dream of many printers, which was not possible until now, but today due to an innovative MS Printing machines, this dream becomes a reality. The customers have the possibility to replace the analogue printing process with a new digital technology, which has been the focus of MS for many years. Up until now, digital machines were not fast enough to consider replacing analogue rotary. Now both flat and rotary printing can be replaced by digital format, so it is safe to say that someday all fabric printing will be done in the digital format.


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