MCS WR soft high productivity rope preparation and washing range
Saskia Heller, Corporate Communications Manager, EFI.

MCS WR Soft is versatile high productivity rope preparation and washing range which allows the processing of various textile fibres, from polyamide-lycra to viscose-lycra, knits and wovens.

The WR Soft is also available in a JUMBO version, with nozzles and transport tubes featuring a wider cross-section of applications.

The TOWELL model is intended to process terry towelling through the use of special nozzles and transport tubes featuring a wider cross-section. Moreover, a special supplementary self-cleaning filter has been pre-arranged that helps effectively clear away textile processing tailings.

PCTE: Industrial PC developed in Windows room to improve all diagnostic functions, monitoring and automation of dyeing machines.

With Touch-Screen, purposely designed for industrial use, the access to functions is easy and immediate. The "WR" is  suitable for following fundamental treatments:

Preparation: Pre-washing of grey and yarn-dyed fabrics,desizing and scouring for woven and knitted fabrics.

Bleaching: The processing of knits and woven fabrics, COTTON/PES, COTTON/VISCOSE, with peroxide. The whole operation, from scouring to washing or rinsing and softening after bleaching, is carried out in one step on this machine

Washing: Washing and soaping of batch dyed wovens and knits (this procedure gives dramatic savings of water and steam), neutralization after mercerization, washing after cold pad-batch bleaching, washing and soaping after dyeing at pad-batch dyeing, washing after printing, including sensitive fabrics as Lycra/Nylon, etc and washing of wool fabrics for desizing and scouring.


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