“ENMOS is constantly enlarging its market share” Mr. Çaglar Adalı.

Can you tell us about Enmos?

Enmos Industrial Automation, established In 2004,  aims to provide creative solutions for the textiles automation sector, suitable for both domestic and international markets. The company conducts the required studies in this field and aspires to the leader in the field of industrial automation.

We are aiming to be a market leader by increasing our R&D expenditure, expanding our production capacity, and investing in design and production of new technologies to meet various sectoral needs.

The company's success can be attributed to professionals in our company, most of them are experts in their respective fields with the strong academic background, high-tech equipment, with a deep insight and analysis of customer needs. These principles combined with the maxim of day-to-day action to solve problems, high-quality levels and experience in offering efficient solutions provide the company with an outstanding ability to reach the desired results in industrial automation systems.

The company managed from its headquarters in Istanbul practices its global marketing strategy by means of the dealers and agencies.

Thanks to its technological hardware and software systems, Enmos offers cutting-edge solutions to cater to the future needs of automation in the textile industry.

The company has ideally reflected its principal line of business in textile finishing sector and brought many innovations in dyehouse and laboratory automation. We strive to keep up with latest innovations beyond the customer expectations, and I would say that Enmos ideally shoulders this responsibility by being a highly focussed R&D company.

The innovative spirit of the company has been precisely reflected in the solutions offered to its customers. With its principle of customer-focused business, Enmos provides the best service for its customers and continues its work in this direction. In this context, knowledge, experience and the technology are the driving force behind the success of this company.

Could you inform us about the automation solutions developed by Enmos?

Our company offers solutions for various requirements in the fields of data collection and system automation, including hardware, software and mechatronic systems.

The main products in terms of our automation solutions consist of industrial control computer, sensors, central monitoring software, liquid chemical and salt-soda/ash dosing system, fully-automatic powder dyestuff weighing and dissolving machine systems.

Along with our already-available dyeing software programs, the Simplex dyeing control computers are appropriate for the factories dealing with fabric and yarn dyeing processes.

These fully automatic control computers are convenient to operate with all the domestic and foreign machines of various machine brands and models. Enmos is a brand with which all the domestic manufacturers work. Our control computers turn the dyeing processes into an entire system by means of our integrated Focus Central Monitoring software. The Focus Central Monitoring software offers an opportunity for various administrative needs such as prescriptions consumption module, planning and reporting to be integrated into an efficient system.

Additionally, Enmos mechatronic solutions integrate the dyehouse as a whole, Profix C liquid chemical dosing, Profix S Salt-soda ash dispensing system and the latest-technology Profix FW fully automatic powder dyestuff weighing dissolving and dispensing systems render Enmos indispensable for dyehouses worldwide.

What can you say about the applicability, usage and significance of these products?

Our company designs the products and solutions by considering various operational parameters such as hardware, software, system and DEE solutions.  We pay strict attention to being innovative, and having latest-technology and preserving functional dynamics for each design, we endeavour to be the best solution provider in the automation field. Our mechanic and electronic hardware solutions can be unified with integrated software. The data collected by the central monitoring software can generate reportable values in line with the requirements of the dye house facility. The reports and real-time monitoring provide observation of instantaneous changes and intervention in the processes which seem different or incorrect. Last, but not the least, the instant reporting at regular intervals is evaluated by the director and this provides the preventive maintenance and thereby saving costs. 

Are you engaged in exports? To which countries and with what percentage? What is your opinion regarding Pakistan for Enmos?

Enmos is active in both domestic and international markets. For example, during the last eleven years, through our Far Eastern distributors, we have made sales to Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, which equals to 30% of our total sales. Additionally, Uzbekistan, India, and Bangladesh have been a step forward for our progress for the last five years. The fact that there are four complete projects from Enmos in Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and India, shows that we have a significant share in this region. This indicates the success of our company, which is actively studying various markets by participating in the exhibitions, such as DTG in Bangladesh, ITME in India, ITMA Asia in China, ITMA Milano in Italy and CAITME in Uzbekistan and other ITMA exhibitions during the last seven years.

We have joined Pakistan market with the collaboration of Turktex Chemicals, founded by Mr Shahzad Khan (CEO Of TURKTEX Chem). We believe that we have found the right partner to develop business in Pakistan market. Additionally, I should like to mention, that both the companies focus on excellence and we endeavour to make excellent inroads into Pakistan based on the excellent reputation of Mr Khan, who has more than 26 years of experience in the textile dyeing and chemicals sector.


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