EFI Reggiani Open House Sustainability report
Saskia Heller, Corporate Communications Manager, EFI.

With almost 70 years of expertise, know-how, innovation, research and technological excellence, EFI Reggiani represents the MADE in ITALY success all around the world.

EFI Reggiani is a worldwide provider of complete solutions for the textile market, with a focus on the development of sustainable processes. A global leader in integrated solutions for the textile world which include a wide range of digital printers and pre-post treatment machines, a complete line of digital water-based textile inks and the RIP software. Eco-sustainability is the EFI Reggiani winning strategy.

The market has rewarded not only productive efficiency but also sustainability, modern markets require an increasing focus on ‘green’ issues, emerging economies now demand productive plants with lower environmental impact and EFI Reggiani aims to meet our customers’ requests.

EFI Reggiani’s innovations are the result of extensive research targeted to improve productivity and quality, to optimise the textile manufacturing process and to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as environmental impact. The company develops complete green processes and innovative solutions covering the full textile workflow in order to reduce consumption and minimise the environmental impact. A new approach that combines quality and production efficiency with environment respect.

EFI Reggiani respects the environment without compromising on machine performances and develops Green Processes and Innovative Solutions in order to offer eco-sustainable processes which guarantee:

  • Savings on energy
  • Savings on water
  • Savings on inks
  • Savings on colour waste
  • Reduced stock
  • Recyclable materials
  • Drastic pollution reduction

EFI Reggiani’s commitment is improving sustainability. It continuously develops and tests productive systems with lower environmental impact in each segment of the supply chain of the group, covering the full textile workflow. Some of EFI Reggiani’s customers, key players in the textile industry, have been involved in the development of the Green Processes. The company is working closely with them in order to propose to the market the ideal solution able to meet all customers’ requests.

The new Reggiani ReNOIR FLEXY has a new green housing reflecting Reggiani's brand heritage as well as the product line's environmentally friendly production advantages, such as an ink recovery feature that dramatically reduces ink consumption. The Reggiani ReNOIR FLEXY launched at FESPA 2017 is new equipment that allows nearly any business to get into industrial textiles by offering the outstanding performance and results of larger Reggiani printers. Customers can run the widest variety of fabrics — from knitted to woven as well as low- and high-stretchable materials — with confidence using the printer's brand new "Dynaplast" technology. The 1.8-metre printer is available with eight print heads and has a production speed of more than 400 square metres per hour with a resolution of up to 2,400 dpi. It incorporates the latest digital technologies for best-in-class performance, is easy to operate and has a low maintenance cost, making it an ideal solution for production and sampling alike.

Like many vendors in the signage and graphics space, EFI recognised their customers’ needs for an alternative to solvent systems, because of the levels of VOCs they can emit. The subsequent demand for UV systems as a replacement led us to becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of digital UV-curable inks. EFI took it a step further, as the company saw opportunities to address other aspects of the sustainability issue, by developing the first production-speed LED UV-curing inkjet systems. Our LED printers use much less heat than that required for traditional UV curing or for drying latex prints. That translates into reduced use of energy resources and as a result lower electricity bills for our customers.

From a sustainability standpoint, there is not only a need to develop safer, greener technologies, but there is also a significant need to reduce waste. EFI’s LED inkjet customers benefit from reduced waste because LED lamps produce a more-consistent exposure over the life of the lamp. As a result there are fewer wasted prints related to bulb degradation and trial-and-error lamp power adjustments.

Beyond that, the trend toward “lean” and greater efficiency in operations points to the many production workflow advantages EFI has developed for our Fiery digital front end systems and our MIS/ERP and web-to-print workflow software. Using these systems to eliminate mistakes in the production process saves our customers money and improves their efficiency. For many, and perhaps most, of our workflow software customers, the higher levels of efficiency allow them to produce much more work without adding staff.


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