Biancalani AIRO® 24: Power in the air

AIRO® 24, the new and original high-efficiency dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, nonwovens and knitted fabrics. A high-quality finishing style which has no equal in the world. The AIRO® style.

The AIRO®24 principle

Fabric moves at very high speed, suspended and transported by the air flow, in alternate directions... this is the heart of AIRO®24 treatment. The special grids placed in front of the channel openings allow the fabric to discharge the accumulated kinetic energy while it acquires a body, volume, drape and better stability, getting rid of any excess of humidity at the same time.

A very wide range of materials is suitable for AIRO®24 treatment. The flexibility of its functions allow this machine to adapt to any type of product: natural fibers (cotton, linen, ramie, jute, silk, wool, and blends), artificial fibers (viscose, cupro, polynosic, polyamide, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal), synthetic fibers (PES, nylon, acrylic, PP, PU, PVC) in all types of construction such as woven, knitted, flock and nonwoven, with different application: apparel, upholstery, technical textiles. No limits on weight and width. Results are obtained in complete safety and absence of defects.

Steaming at the inlet

An exclusive continuous steaming unit can be installed at the inlet of AIRO®24. This device acts evenly on the whole width of the fabric during the passage immediately preceding the entrance in the machine.

Smart-Switch technology

With this unique and patented device, which intelligently controls and optimizes the direction switching of the air which drives the fabric, AIRO®24 can finely modulate the intensity of the mechanical action independently from the drying power. From lightweight materials to heavier ones made of delicate yarn, every type of fabric will benefit from the smart-switch technology, with a considerable increase in the drying capacity of the machine. AIRO®24 smart-switch can be installed also on the tandem versions of AIRO®24.

Mr. Rossano Biancalani.

Synchronized internal steaming

A specially designed steam distribution system - composed by two steam delivery units placed at each entrance of the treatment channel – injects the desired amount of steam right into the air flow, which efficiently pushes it through the fabric throughout the whole length of the channels. The result is a perfectly uniform steaming action, thanks to the fast movement of the fabric and the synchronization of the steaming direction which also prevents condensation. Steam delivered at the right moment, in the right place, with AIRO®24.

Everything under control

Main 12.1" touch screen with auxiliary touch panel at fabric exit, redesigned user interface, new real-time monitoring, history and statistics functions, open interconnection with existing monitoring systems.

With AIRO®24 the loop of terry relaxes and is positioned vertically to the base of the handwork and the tandem version (patented), designed especially for the needs of manufacturers of terry, knit and velvet, which offers twice the drying capacity compared to the standard machine. On this variant, it is also applicable the smart-switch device which further increases the machine drying ability.


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