Textile Asia 2017

UGOLINI and Umar Fasih Trading display GS series 1000 KG

Ugolini Srl was founded in 1970 by Umberto Ugolini. Today, Ugolini products can be divided into four categories: dyeing machines, laboratory apparatus, stainless steel accessories for dyeing processes, machines for drying, for hydro-extraction (centrifugal machines) and for dyeing automation.

At Textile Asia 2017 Lahore, Ugolini Srl along with Umar Fasih Trading Company displayed GS Series machine for 1000 kg capacity.

The machine is designed for dyeing operations under HT/HP, up to 140oC and up to 6 bar for bulk production. The customer can dye yarn in packages, tops, ribbons, zippers, fabric in beams and loose fibres. The company offers different models suitable to dye from 50 gms to 1 ton in single kier to multi kier. Each kier is equipped with complete carriers for bobbins or tops or baskets for fibres or beams for fabric or zippers or ribbons, with suitable spindles or beams, rapid locks and plates. This machine works in the air-pad system or fully flooded the system with static pump and expansion tank. The two systems working together are also available. The various parts of the machine in contact with the dye liquor are in stainless steel AISI 316 L and the entire machine is built in compliance with CE standards of quality and safety, certified by an independent agency.


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