Textile Asia 2017

ALKA Pvt Ltd offers textile specialty chemicals and plastic packaging

Established 1979, Alka Pvt. Ltd. has developed from local Pakistani business into a modern, professionally managed organisation operating internationally. 

The key areas of focus are in textiles, leather, paints, paper, building and construction and water treatment and plastic packaging using state-of-the-art technology. Although the company is still privately owned, it continues to grow at a steady pace through its sustained investment in research and development, application technology and the high level of expertise. The company believes in imparting technical knowledge to the customers, which enables them to resolve their technical issues, optimize processes and enhance productivity.

The company is continuously investing in developing environmentally friendly solutions for its customers as a key priority in so many industries is sustainability in terms of the impact on the environment.

With collaboration with the Turkish company Setas Kimya, Alka now caters most adequately to the requirements of the denim and garment dyeing industry.

Setas Kimya has a full range of garment dyes and chemicals mainly oriented towards high-quality fashion garments. Whilst making this move they have gone through a rigorous phase of testing and sampling, after which they have been successful in providing the best possible solutions for the industry. Alka is in the process of establishing a new state of the art R&D facility in Pakistan with the help of Setas Kimya.

According to Mr. Avais Ahmed, Director, Alka:  “With this collaboration we expect to put our mark in the fashion industry and present a few articles a year made from our own chemicals and dyes and to present them as finished products to our customers which I am sure will be most helpful to us as well as to our customers who will use our products with confidence.”


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