ShanghaiTex 2017 and Marks & Spencer jointly organize “Plan A 2025”
Business Forum to promote industry sustainability

Shanghaitex 2017 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 27-30 November 2017. The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition focuses on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, high-growth application sectors, and cross-border technology, thereby assisting industry in overcoming challenges and sparking new opportunities on the way to industry 4.0.

In response to the growing awareness of environmentally friendly manufacturing, ShanghaiTex presents green textile technologies with low energy consumption.

ShanghaiTex is also considered as an advanced platform for industrial elites to obtain the most cutting-edge information and exchange opinions on industry development.

Stepping into its 33rd year, ShanghaiTex 2017 has collaborated with Marks & Spencer to conduct a trendsetting forum – “Marks & Spencer - Plan A 2025” on 28 November 2017. “Plan A” indicates the core value of Marks & Spencer in directing the strategy to help protect the planet, by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities. Attendees of the event will gain insight into the latest developments of Plan A and discuss green solutions with other top-notch industry players.

Marks & Spencer - Plan A 2025

In January 2007, M&S introduced a new eco and ethical plan called Plan A to tackle a new set of 21st century challenges. With £200 million investment, Plan A set out 100 environmental and social commitments covering five general realms, most of which have been achieved with awards. And in 2014 M&S introduced Plan A 2020 which consists of 100 new and modified commitments to achieve by 2020, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer.

M&S is working with both their suppliers and customers through plan A to fight against climate change, reduce wastage, utilize recycled materials, support fair trade, and pursue healthier lifestyle. M&S has proved itself successful in balancing profitability and environmental sustainability, despite the present economic scenario. The investment can be perfectly offset by the reduced cost of energy savings. Hence Plan A is also praised by energy experts as one of the most advanced strategies in retail industry.

Customers in Carbon Neutral Project

Over the past five years, M&S has reduced its packaging by 26%, and recycled tons of hangers. And it is also advocating a new way of reducing waste to encourage donating used clothing instead of dumping.

Besides dealing with carbon emissions from its own operations, M&S has also developed 60 low-carbon products for its customers to implement energy conservation at home. Meanwhile, M&S has added “Wash at 30°C” reminder on its clothing and laundry detergent packaging to assist consumers to minimize the carbon emissions from the laundry. As a result, 38% of consumers carried out this measure, reducing 50,000 tons of carbon emissions on a yearly basis.

Work closely with suppliers on “Green Factory”

Climate change is a global problem, one that will ultimately affect all our lives, and one that M&S is striving to address. In addition to promoting to customers, M&S actively mobilizes its suppliers to engage in its carbon neutral project.

M&S has already made its UK operations 28% more energy efficient using green electricity, and they are also globally working to make all stores much more energy efficient.

Currently, the three M&S "green factories" located in Sri Lanka and Wales have all managed to take care of carbon reduction and cost savings. M&S is planning to open another green factory in China to extend energy efficiency blueprint to much larger and potential markets.

Protect environment and enhance social well being

According to M&S, sustainability will only become the business if we integrate Plan A into our everyday activities and processes. Therefore, producing and harvesting raw materials can damage the environment, so M&S considers it important to source them in ways that support replenishment, safeguard natural habitats and ensure good animal welfare standards. M&S advocates protecting soil & wildlife and reducing pesticide use. As a clothing retailer, M&S works in partnership with WWF to help thousands of farmers improve their approach to cotton production in India. Similarly, as a food retailer, M&S has taken a leading role in providing clear and useful nutritional labeling on their food.

Fast track to enhance your partnership with M&S at ShanghaiTex 2017

ShanghaiTex is one of the established and professional textile machinery exhibitions of its kind in China since 1984. The 2017 edition is set to lead the textile industry in exploring world’s most advanced textile technology and applications, thereby providing breakthrough solutions during the industry’s restructuring period. The organizers have invited Mr. Toiny Pang, Technical Sustainability Manager, Quality & Compliance from Marks & Spencer to share more details about Plan A 2025 during the show period.

Mr. Pang joined M&S in 2012 and now leads Environmental and Chemical Policy (ECP) across the global supply chain in Far East Region. He is fully engaged in the development of internal auditing tools, environmental compliance systems, online self-audit platform & supplier grading system.

To achieve its ambitious goals in eco and social responsibilities, Marks & Spencer needs to invest in its supply chain and work with the right partner. Therefore,  industry practitioners are welcome to attend this business forum (28 November at 1:30-3:00 pm at Hall E1 Smart Factory Conference Zone) to discuss the latest green manufacturing solutions with M&S, and to improve the sustainability of textile and apparel industry.

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ShanghaiTex is sponsored by Shangtex Holding Co. Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council and China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce; and is organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Co. Ltd. and Shanghai International Exhibition Co. Ltd.


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