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There is a bright future for the textile industry due to technology and
innovative applications
Mr. Charles Beauduin, CEO and President, Van de Wiele.

Can you tell us more about Van de Wiele, and what the group stands for?

 For more than a century, Van de Wiele  has been a leader in innovation by offering our customers a comprehensive range of high performing textile machines, finishing equipment, accessories, control systems and tailored services for the textile industry. As leading manufacturer of carpet and velvet weaving machines, electronic Jacquards, feeders for weaving and knitting, controllers, finishing machinery, extrusion, heat setting, tufting machines and equipment manufacturers, Van de Wiele  nowadays touches every continent.

We have more than 2500 people employed in 14 plants worldwide. That ensures a strong local presence across diverse and dynamic markets. Through our vast and diversified activities and our global network, we believe in creating long lasting, and profitable partnerships with our customers all over the world. We also believe that it is our core function to create and develop innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers for a greener world.  Satisfied customers are the reason for our success. We try to provide total customer satisfaction by understanding and providing for the needs of our valued customers. 

Mr. Charles Beauduin, CEO and President, Van de Wiele.

What do you say about the European progress of technology? What can it offer to the world? What is it that makes the European machinery manufacturers so strong even though the industry has shifted out to the east?

I believe that Europe remains the center of textile technolgy development. The last ITMA in Milan was my 9th ITMA. The location of Milan, as one of the main textile regions of Europe and a very clear focus on technology and sustainable developments, held the attention of the global industry. You notice that technology is still being developed and put into practice in Europe and we as manufacturers are very glad to show and share our experience of technology with the textile companies from all over the world.

Subjects around sustainability on energy are extremely important for textile manufacturing and you also see that the technology allows the creation of new types of products which were not possible before like for example a modern aircraft, built by using basically textile processes.  When people fly in their dream aircraft they are mostly not aware that is actually made of carbon fibre, a major component of a modern and light aircraft.  The rule says that where there is carbon fibre there is also a mechanical or textile process to link these fibres together.  These majority of these developments and innovations have their origins in Europe.

So it’s a whole creation of new applications, new ideas?

Exactly. And that is why the technological companies, like Van de Wiele are so excited about the future of textiles. Because we can really build together with our customers, the world of tomorrow, which will be a world of many textiles. Cost-efficient and sustainable  traditional textiles as well as technical textiles that will be an extremely important part of this endeavour.  Van de Wiele, well known for their carpets and velvets machinery has also made a lot of developments and offers high-end technology in technical textiles.

Technical textiles as you mentioned are going to gain even more importance in the future with new applications. Do you think a market such as Pakistan, which is mainly a cotton country, can have a significant production of technical textiles?

Yes, I am absolutely convinced that companies in Pakistan, who are of course famous for cotton-based textiles can also play a significant part in technical textiles. We have developed applications and structures from cotton for the technical textiles used in injection moulding machines. This means that there will be new opportunities available for textile mills in Pakistan with technically good engineers. They need to make their mark beyond the simple cotton products to have an edge over their competitors.

We have to convince the customers in Pakistan to believe in themselves. They are talented and they have the resources, but sometimes they are not confident enough in their own capabilities and potential. Unfortunately, the general geopolitical situation has not helped Pakistan for many years as well and has probably also reflected on some of the business.  I personally observed that people in Pakistan are not only good human beings but also have many technical abilities.

I would like to invite our friends from Pakistan to ITMA 2019. As you already know the venue is going to be Barcelona again, which was a very nice venue for ITMA in 2011. Barcelona also guarantees us that there will be fixed hotel prices and I think this will be a big opportunity for Pakistan to come and explore all the latest technological developments. 

Van de Wiele China opens a brand new factory at Goachun Nanjin

On 1st of September, Van de Wiele China opened a brand new factory at Goachun Nanjin. This factory equipped with high end robots and machinery will become the main base for the production of the Ji Jacquards for the Chinese market!  The opening ceremony was held in presence of Mr. Charles Beauduin, CEO of Van de Wiele , Mr. Ola Samuelsson Managing Director of China, Mr. Zhang Xiaoping Party secretary of Gaochun Development zone & Mr. Lambert Consul General of Belgium. “As expanding our manufacturing footprint in China this is an important part of our long term growth strategy. The opening of the new factory puts Van de Wiele in an even better position to support our customers locally in China, in Asia and grow our business globally.” Mr. Charles Beauduin - CEO Michel Van de Wiele nv.


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