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Get in a Routine

As with exercise, a regular, systematic and well-documented compressor maintenance routine is the starting point to success. The use of manufacturer-supplied inspection and maintenance documents make it easy to begin. If you can get and keep a routine, bottom-line savings will result. And, this documentation will help ensure compliance with conditions for any extended warranty you may have on the equipment.

Consider a Service Agreement

If maintenance time and personnel are lean, outsource compressor maintenance to your local air compressor distributor. The money spent here will be repaid in reduced downtime, lower repair costs and electrical savings. Top flight distributors have factory trained technicians ready to handle the basics while also identifying significant savings opportunities in the system.

Set a baseline or benchmark of key system parameters

Benchmarking is an excellent way to identify if a system is being well-maintained and is operating properly. To benchmark, your system measurements, record power, pressure, flow and temperature at a given point and then track these measurements over time. When power use increases for a given flow and pressure, the system efficiency is on a downhill. Attending to key maintenance issues will save you money and provide a better end product to your customer.

Find all filters

Many customers have a variety of pre and after-filters in a system that goes unnoticed and under-serviced. The result is dirty filter elements that restrict compressed air flow and increase your energy costs. This also leads to increased contamination downstream. Both consequences are quite costly.

Do maintenance right

Proper maintenance preserves efficiency, enhances reliability and lengthens the service life of the equipment. Postponing or neglecting routine maintenance is an unwise and costly practice.

Train technicians

Train maintenance technicians on routine compressor, filter and drain checks.

“The benefits of good maintenance far outweigh the costs and efforts involved. Good maintenance can save time, reduce operating costs, and improve plant manufacturing efficiency and product quality.” Hank von Ormer.


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