Change of leadership at Shima Seiki

Flat knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki changed its leadership at its annual shareholders’ meeting on 28th June, 2017 replacing its former president and company founder Masahiro Shima with his son, former vice-president Mitsuhiro Shima.

Mitsuhiro succeeds Masahiro as president, representative director and director of sales headquarters, while Masahiro becomes chairman of the board of directors. The change in management is a strategic move by the company to further strengthen and improve its management system.

Mitsuhiro Shima, President, Shima Seiki.

At a press conference held for the Japanese press in May, Mitsuhiro stated: “I may not be up to par with the likes of Thomas Edison or my father, but I do hold about 10 patents.”

“My father was a genius who founded the company and every one - especially I -am aware of that. It was his company and he did what he pleased, and he took the helm without looking back. Fortunately for the rest of us he was competent enough to lead this company to success, but it created within the company a passive culture that relies on a single leader to issue commands. I wish to change that and nurture a company culture that encourages individual creativity and exchange of ideas with a common goal to make this organization succeed. That mechanism is already in place.

He continued: "Shima Seiki will continue as an innovation leader. From now, however, innovation refers not only to discrete mechanical inventions, but to creative collaboration in both hardware and software technology that yields synergistic benefits.”


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